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EVA-54300-D CNC Evaluation Kit

The EVA-54300-D Evaluation Kit provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate Series-5000 "Complete CNC System" as well as its free software package that includes SuperiorCNC, Machine Operator Interface, Sequencer, Labview Drivers, HPGL Converter and Experts API 32. The evaluation kit provides the customer with a complete system sample of series 5000 components in order to experience and fully understand its abilities. The kit enables an immediate integration and operation of the system, using pre-assembled cables between all items.

Datasheet (PDF)

The Evaluation Kit Includes:

  • PMC-54300-D 3 Axis PCI based CNC Controller (w/Spindle Control)
  • 3 Axis Step Motor Driver 3 Nema 23 Motors
  • Pre-Assembled Cables & Connectors
  • SuperiorCNC Software
  • LabView Drivers, Machine Operator Interface, Programmer Library, HPGL Converter and Sequencer
  • User Manual's


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