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Quad (4) stepper motor controller, ISA, DIO

Main Features
Operates 16 motors with System-5000 drivers
48 User Digital I/O lines
Linear & Circular interpolation
Highest cost/performance level

The PMC-54200 is a Multi Axis Step Motor Control package, made of the most reliable PC Controller board, accompanied by a wide, complete and most intelligent software package, free of charge, that can be easily implemented into any motion control task, without the need of any userís skill. The PMC-54200 hardware consists of 4 dedicated motor control chips and watchdog timer, while all motor command and motion feedback lines are optically isolated, assuring most reliable performance at any extreme harsh working environment. Highest intelligence level, provided by the controllerís free software package, makes system integration a brief task, enable easy communication to host slaves and other system members, and above all, provides the ability of executing all high performance motion control tasks. The software package includes a variety of DOS drivers, WINí95/WINíNT DLLs, Manual Operating program, Script Operating program, Script Editor with automatic error discriminator, etc. This wide range of support ensures extremely short Ďproduct to marketí time, for system developers, as well as easy and immediate operation by the end user, without the need of any additional software development.

  XY Tables control  
  Precision valve control  


  PMC-54200  Quad controller, ISA, DIO
  PA-68168  68 pin Digital Connector to 68 pin PC-Edge Adapter Kit
  PA-68250  68 pin Digital Connector to Dual 50 pin Adapter Kit
  PW-542014-2  4 Drivers Control Cable
  PW-542031-2  Triple Driver Control Cable
  PMI-3030  24 Relays Card
  PMI-3003  24 Isolated Inputs Card



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