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Triple (3) axis stepper motor controller, PC/104, DIO

Main Features
High speed high resolution
Automatic move profile
Linear acceleretion/deceleration
Opto Isolated motor I/O lines
Pulse/Direction or CW/CCW pulses
Auto zero-setting option
Built-in offsetting
Windows 9x/NT Application program
Programming API library
DOS Test & Utility software

The PMC-53100 is a high speed Stepper Motor Controller, implemented into the most reliable embedded card fromat, the PC/104. The PMC-53100 Controller is based on 3 programmable pulse generator LSI chip that can operate up to 3 Stepper Motor simultaneously, while keeping the host computer free of motor's profilebuilding, motor's step counting and other motor controlling tasks. The PMC-53100 provides an automatic linear acceleration/deceleration profile option, with a 50% output pulse form, and with an output rate of up to 32000 steps per second. Motor controlling is achieved by either a DOS or WINDOWS application software provided by the manufacturer, or by the customer's own written software, making use of the manufacturer's most simple, yet powerful, WINDOWS 9x/NT DLLs. All Motor's output control lines and all motor's feedback lines are optically isolated, avoiding interference of motor's high EMI/RFI noise emission. The combination of these features makes the PMC-53100 the most reliable solution for stepper motor control.

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  PMC-53100  Triple axis controller, PC/104, DIO
  PA-ISA/104  PC/104 to ISA form factor adapter.



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