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Single axis step motor controller, PC/104, DIO

Main Features
Series 5000 Compatible
High speed, high resolution
Automatic move profile
Linear acceleration\deceleration
Optic isolation on all motor control and feedback lines
Pulse & Direction or CW/CCW
8 Relays on board
8 Opto isolated inputs on board

The PMC-51100 is a high speed Series 5000 compatible motor controller, implemented into the reliable embedded card format, the PC/104. The PMC-51100 controller includes both a programmable pulse generator LSI chip that can operate up to 4 stepper motors, one at a time, while keeping the host computer free of motorís profile building, motorís step counting and other motor controlling tasks, as well as Encoder reading facility, with built in Digital Filter. The PMC-51100 provides an automatic linear acceleration/deceleration profile option, with a 50% output pulse form, and with an output rate of up to 32000 steps per second. Motor controlling is achieved by application software provided by the manufacturer, or by the customerís own written software, making use of the manufacturerís simple, yet powerful, Windows programming library. All Motorís output control lines, and all motorís feedback lines, excluding Encoder lines, are optically isolated, avoiding interference of motorís high EMI/RFI noise emission. The PMC-51100 Controller can be installed either in a PC/104 computer or in a standard ISA/PCI computer, using a PA-ISA/104 adapter card.

  XY Tables control  
  Precision valve control  


  PMC-51100  Single axis controller, PC/104, DIO
  PMC-51100-E  Single axis controller, PC/104, DIO, Encoder Input
  PMC-51100-G  Single axis controller, PC/104, DIO, Analog Input
  PA-ISA/104  PC/104 to ISA from factor adapter



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