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Series-5000 3 Amp Micro-Stepping (1600 PPR) Motor Driver

Main Features
Series-5000 compatible
Accurate Microstepping
Sinusoidal Drive Signal
Extended Industrial Grade
Limit switch secured operation
Controlled by Digital or Analog Input

PMD-5103-D is a high performance Step Motor Driver, designed to operate in hostile industrial environment, factory floors, labs, as well as educational institutes. This driver is a member of Superior Solution Series-5000 program, which makes it the most simple to wire and the easiest to operate. Series-5000 compatible means getting extremely rich and wide software package, free of charge, and including end users operating programs, expert programmer drivers, beginners sample programs and general staff as intelligent system-integration tool, and technical knowledge base. This driver includes all essential modern features as microstepping for smooth and accurate moves, automatic current reduction at stand still, for power saving and for reasonable heat level keeping, current source method for best efficiency and high speed capabilities, internal pulse generator for testing and for manual moves, and more. The PMD-5103-D includes additional, rare to be found features, that makes it capable of providing solutions to unsolved or expansively solved problems. Best way to learn about these special qualities is by touring the Application Notes. All driverís "control" inputs and "motor" outputs are very well protected, making it steady and reliable driver to suit each project demand at any working environment.

  XY Tables control  
  Precision valve control  
  High demand and sophisticated motion control proje  

  Sine Wave like drive signal
  Fine and soft motor movement
  Capable of extreme high speed
  Local operation speed might be externally set.
  High resolution - up to 1600ppr
  Limit switch secured operation
  Well protected inputs and outputs
  Extended environment qualification
  Decreased power consumption when idle
  Easy multiplexing.

  CONTROL Inputs
  Logic LOW level 1.5 volt Max
  Logic HIGH level 3.5 volt Min
  Max input range -25 to +35 volt
  Max clock rate 80 KHz @ 5V 50%
  Feedback signal 5 to 30 volt
  CONTROL Outputs
  FB sink current 10 mA Max
  Digital voltage range 5 volt TTL level
  Analog voltage range 0 to +10 volt
  Drive method 2 Phase Chopper
  Current per phase 3 Amp continuous
  Step resolution 200 to 1600 PPR
  Max motor speed 5000 RPM ext.clk.
  Nominal voltage 24 volt DC
  Min/Max +/- ripple 12/36 volt, 12/48 @ PMD-5103-DH
  Current requirement Up to 2.5A
  Environment 0 to 60 Deg Celsius
  Dimensions 120x40x75 mm
  Weight 450 gr


  PMD-5103-D  3 Amp, 200 to 1600 PPR, Metal enclosed, High performance Stepper Motor Driver.
  PMD-5103-DH  3 Amp, 200 to 1600 PPR, Metal enclosed, High performance Stepper Motor Driver with Extended, 48 volt Power Source
  PM-5233-7624-D1  NEMA23, 1.7 NM, 3Amp max, Series-5000 compatible Stepper Motor.
  PM-5233-5428-D1  NEMA23, 0.98 NM, 2.8 Amp, Series-5000 compatible Stepper Motor.
  PM-5232-5528-D1  NEMA23, 0.55 NM, 2.8 Amp, System-5000 compatible Stepper Motor.
  PW-509011-2  Twisted-Pair Shielded Motor Wiring Cable, 2 meter.



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