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Multi-Axis Stepper/Servo Motor & Machine Controller, PCI

Main Features
32 bit PCI bus, plug & play
HPGL files import
1 to 16 Motors Operation through a single controller
Linear & Circular interpolation
2 Encoders
8 Analog Inputs
4 Analog Outputs
Free CNC Software

The PMC-54300 is a quad motor & machine control card based on a 32-bit plug-&-play PCI Bus. Accompanied by its free easy to use powerful software the card can easily be incorporated into any machine control task with no need for any user skills.

The PMC-54300 consists of a dedicated motor control chip that provides control over 4 motors simultaneously and up to 16 motors(4 at a time), with Series-5000 stepper drivers. All motor command and motion feedback lines are optically isolated, assuring reliable performance in extremely harsh working environments.

More about PMC-54300...

Digital I/O Lines
The PMC-54300 is equipped with 48 discrete I/O lines for general use. These lines can easily operate 24 relays and a standard opto-isolated input board, to control an intelligent machine or it can be used at TTL level with an output of up to 24mA per channel. Additional 8 Opto-Isolated I/O lines are available when operating up to 4 motor axes system.
Analog I/O Lines
The PMC-54300 is equipped with 4 current inputs and 4 voltage inputs as well as 4 analog output lines. These analog I/O lines are of 8 bit resolution, providing a complete machine control solution.
Encoder/Counter Input
The on-board encoder/counter position feedback and may counter. This ensures precision corrections.
A built-in, scanning mechanism count compares and interrupts generation facilities making this controller the right choice for industrial, semi-military, and academic scanning systems.
Software Support
A high level of flexibility provided by the controller’s software package, makes system integration a brief task. The software provides ability to execute user defined scripts, execute high-performance motion control tasks such as linear and circular interpolation control all I/O, import HPGL files and much more.

The software package includes controller drivers, Win9x/NT/2000/XP DLLs, Complete Machine Control Application with Graphical Scripting capabilities and more. This ensures a significantly short ‘product to market’ time for system developers, as well as simple and immediate operation by the end-user, sparing the need for any additional software development.

The software provides support for HPGL files, created by various Vector drawing applications. This feature enables you to draw complex outlines and filling, then save the design to a file, and converts it into a motion script without writing any code. It is possible to set “job” speed, machine special ratio, repeat operation, and also alter the resulting script.

NOTE: The Encoder Support, Position Latch, and Event Counting share the same hardware resources. This allows to operate only one of these special featurs at a time (software selectable).

  Automatic Assembly  
  XY Tables control  
  Precision valve control  
  High demand and sophisticated applications  
  Machine Control  


  PMC-54300ADE  Quad controller, AIO, DIO and Encoder support
  PW-542014-2  4 Drivers Control Cable
  PW-542031-2  Triple Driver Control Cable
  PMI-3030  24 Relays & Terminal Board
  PMI-3003  24ch Opto Isolated Input & Terminal Board



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