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3 Axis Stepper Motor Driver

Main Features
Triple Independent motor driving
Sine Wave-like output signal
High Accuracy Micro-Stepping
Automatic Power Reduction mode
Continuous 3 Amp per phase current
Enhanced motor performance
On board 3 variable speed oscillators
End of Travel Switch inputs
On board GO/REF/LIMIT LED indicators
Remote Status indicators

The PMD-53031 is a low cost, yet sophisticated and independent 3-Axis Stepper Motor Driver. It is a high efficiency 3 Amp Chopper Driver, with an Automatic Power Reduction circuit, that minimizes the power dissipation while idling. The driver has 200/400/800/1600 or 400/4000 (version depended) steps per revolution (ppr) operation modes with Sine Wave-like output signal, providing an accurate resolution. The PMD-53031 has Clock & Direction inputs(CK&DIR), to be controlled by a host computer, a CNC, a remote controller or a PLC. It has GO & DIR inputs for service operation and two "End of Travel" switch inputs, to prevent any Out of Limit move (caused by either a hardware or software error). The driver is aimed at low to medium power systems and can drive 4, 6 and 8 lead stepper motors, of 0.2 to 6 Amp phase current. All driver inputs range from 5 to 35 volts for lab and industrial use. Its power requirement is a single 12 to 24 volt DC source of any kind, regulated or unregulated, with an Output Current of 2 to 10 Amp, depending on the motor type. Enhanced motor performance and higher speed performance can be achieved by connecting a 12-24VDC power source to the logic circuit and a 12-48VDC power source to the motor circuit.


  PMD-53031-DOF-00B1  200/400/800/1600 Steps Per Revolution, 3 Amp Per Phase, Triple Driver
  PMD-53031-DOF-4KB1  400/4000 Steps Per Revolution, 3 Amp Per Phase, Triple Driver



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