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Series 5000

Innovative Patent Pending Motion & Machine Design System


Series-5000 is the most updated motion & machine control product series from Superior Solutions. This new series is based on refreshing approach towards Motion System Development, which is being reflected in many ways.

Built-in Intelligence

Series-5000's software includes motion and machine knowledge base, as well as HMI facilities that help any user, expert or beginner, to create a Motion Control system that fits his technical demands, and to choose the most appropriate building blocks to fulfill his vision.

Multi-axis Structure
Base system structure supports controlling of 16 Steppers and Servo-step motors, in the most simple and 'easy to use' way.

A single connector and harness handle all signals, control and feedback lines needed, for an accurate and precise control of all 16 motors, in a simple and economic way.

Noise Immunity
Optic Isolation of all motion control and feedback lines at Controller’s level, as well as  making use of manufacturer’s pre-assembled harnesses and cables, ensure excellent Noise Immunity. The FCC approved system has been professionally designed to withstand harsh noisy RFI environment, while at the same time, keeping delicate instruments at lab or factory floor from being interfered by the EMI/RFI noise, reflected by the motion drive energy.

Simple Construction
The system is made of several building blocks, differ in output power, in number of motors handled by, and in their sealing, but share the same operation logic and same plugging concept.

Moreover, pre assembled cables and harnesses can be purchased at a reasonable price, enabling fast, error free and pro made wiring that is CE and FCC approved!

Intelligent Moves
Series-5000 Controllers provide Linear and Circular Interpolation, Triangle and S-curve acceleration and deceleration, while Series-5000 Motor Drivers provides Sine/Cosine output signals, ensuring smooth and continuous operation.

Safety Facilities
Various safety facilities has been built into Series-5000 construction, such as:

  • Watchdog built into controllers’ hardware stops motor operation in the rare and severe cases that the host computer freezes.
  • Travel Limit Switch inputs, at Drivers’ level, ensures a safer operation at all times.
  • Emergency facility at hardware level.
Free Software Package
Series-5000 system is bundled with a most powerful software package.
  • Superior-CNC, G-code application program for easy integration of third party tools.
  • LabView drivers package, for Educational Institutes and ATP System developers.
  • MachTech, Sequencer based program, with editing, debugging and operating tools.
  • MotoRunner, operating and testing tool.
  • API32, Software drivers package for Software Developers.

System Integration Wizard

This wizard is useful at initial stage, as an interactive system integration tool.

This tool, built into the controller’s software, provides the user with step by step “what to” and “how to” instructions, pictures, and technical details.




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